Valentine’s Day Bites

Hello, hello!!

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

I have a super H-A-W-T date… Guess who it’s with?!!

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My Nutri Sci exam!!

Ask me if I still ~~LOOOOOOOVE~~ Nutri Sci after out first date – err exam…

After my exam, my G.F.’s and I will be watching Fifty Shades Freed. And will I be sneaking these Valentine’s Day bites into the movie theatre??


I don’t want to pull a Joey Tribbiani and eat an entire large p-corn by myself… Whelp, with the exception of my Nacho P-Corn 😉

These bites have a nice tang to them and are a perfect replacement for the usual chocolate hearts. They also have a B-E-A-U T I F U L red swirl for that extra Cupid touch.

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If you don’t like Greek yogurt, I would recommend buying a vanilla flavor instead of plain Greek yogurt. However, if you’re watching your sugar intake, I would recommend buying plain Greek yogurt and adding your desired amount of honey or stevia.


1 cup yogurt

3/4 cup freeze dried strawberries

toppings : goji berries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, freeze dried strawberries


Place freeze dried strawberries in a ziplock bag. Set aside any strawberries if you wish to use for garnish. Smash strawberries with the back of a spoon until powdered. Mix the smashed freeze dried strawberries with half of the Greek yogurt in a small bowl. Spoon the mixture in one side of a ziplock baggie. Add the Greek yogurt that wasn’t mixed to the other half of the ziplock baggie. Cut off the corner tip of the ziplock bag and squeeze an appropriate amount of yogurt into your mold. Sprinkle on desired toppings and freeze for at least an hour.

Hope you enjoy!!

Do you have any Valentine’s day plans!?

xx hails

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  1. These are beautiful and look delicious! Love the hearts I hope mine look as good as yours! Happy Valentines Day! 💗

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