Meet Hails

Hello, hello!

I’m Hailey Kate, AKA the girl behind All Hails the Kale.

I am a “RD 2 Be” at the University of Wisconsin – Madison studying dietetics, entrepreneurship, and… kale?

I discovered my passion for nutrition when I was in high school; I tried to make slutty brownies healthier after seeing influencers on social modify their meals and desserts with healthier ingredients. After many ( MANY ) failed attempts, I took on a new challenge: to make food healthy and delish !!

I entered UW Madison as a pre-dietetics student and I was questioned by my peers about the taste and appeal of healthy food…

“OMG you’re studying dietetics, do you like only eat raw kale?!”

And just like that… All Hails The Kale was born!

What is All Hails the Kale

All Hails the Kale serves as a platform to share healthy, trendy recipes and enthusiasm for nutrition! The goal of this blog is to remove the negative stigma around nutritious foods. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you should be on a raw kale diet.

( I prefer kale chips with everything but the bagel seasoning… )

I believe in keeping the ingredients in my recipes simple… but more importantly, appealing!

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you! Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions along the way.

xx hails

Instagram: @allhailsthekale

Twitter:  @allhailsthekale