Nacho Average P-corn

What happens when you combine 2 of the most delish – yet dangerous snacks… nachos and popcorn??

Nacho popcorn… It doesn’t get better than this!

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My friends came over a couple weeks ago to hang out and catch up after getting hit ( like a school bus going full speed ) with the first round of midterms. With every *stressful* gathering, some snack must come along too. As the host, I felt obligated to whip up something for the gals.

My bare pantry had too few whole wheat tortilla chips to make nachos, but I had a Costco-sized box of popcorn bags. Finally, it all clicked… I should make nacho popcorn!

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And yes, that is a happy birthday sign.. We have had that up for a month and a half. Laziness at its finest.

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Anyways, the first bowl of nacho p-corn disappeared before we finished talking about our o-chem and finance exams, so I had to whip up another bowl. After getting the thumbs up from my gals, I was eager to share the recipe on the blog! I can say with confidence… this is NACHO average bowl of p-corn 😉

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1 Sea Salt skinny pop microwave popcorn


nutritional yeast

garlic powder

onion powder



sea salt

optional : cayenne


Microwave popcorn according to the directions. Evenly drizzle EVOO over the popped popcorn. Sprinkle the other ingredients and shake the popcorn in a bag until the seasonings are evenly mixed. Enjoy!


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What are you top 2 favorite snacks?!

xx hails

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