The Dirty Banana

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Happy happy Friday – BUT most importantly, happy game day!!

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Today is the first badger football game of the season. I just picked up by game day tickets and am eager to see all the football players I serve at the Bistro ( in Camp Randall ) play! My coworkers and I always joke that the players names are their order…

” WOW!! Did you see chop salad with chicken salad’s throw to Veggie Med?!! “

We are pretty damn nerdy. We are passionate about those sandwiches and wraps!!

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Along with the start of football season, I have started the recruitment process with my sorority. While getting ready for recruitment, I’ve experience head stacking, loss of voice and sleep deprivation. My roommates and I come back from work week exhausted and inhale p-corn while watching Sex and The City.

Eating while tired is always a slippery slope. When an individual is sleep deprived, he or she craves high calorie & fatty food b/c the regions of the brain that control decisions are worn down – IE : that Five Guys cheeseburger with grilled onions b/w my sorority house and my apartment is HELLA more difficult to resist !!

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To resist that temptation to buy a burger from Five Guys on State Street, I meal prep healthier snacks and treats to keep me energized and * FULL * !!

My apartment’s fave snack are banana- almond butter bites, or what we call “The Dirty Banana” ( LOL! ). We enjoy dipping them in dark chocolate to satisfy our sweet tooth. The almond butter’s healthy fats keep us full and help control other food cravings. This recipe reminds me of the chocolate bananas on a stick I would buy at my hometown fair – just a bit healthier 😛

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Here’s how we made them :


1 banana

1/4 cup dark choco chips

1 tsp coconut oil

almond butter

hemp seeds

optional : sprinkles

other : straws, wax paper


Cut the banana into thick coins. Add a small amount of almond butter to the center of every other banana coin. Top the almond butter with a banana coin and stick a straw through the middle of the banana sandwich. Freeze on wax paper until solid. Melt dark choco chips with 1 tsp of coconut oil. Dip frozen banana into dark chocolate and sprinkle on sprinkles and hemp seeds. Freeze until solid. ENJOY!!

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Read more about the benefits of hemp seeds * HERE *. Despite the “hemp” in hemp seeds. they as naughty as they sound – they are actually fab for you! Who wouldn’t want some hemp with their banana?!

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