Mountain Pie Pizza

Happy happy Fri-yay!!

I’ve been home for a week and spent most of my time home with my fam. One brother flew in from New York, the other brother came home after interning in Philly, and my grandparents flew in from Pennsylvania. We have sailed on Lake Michigan, attended a Coldplay concert on Soldier Field, cheered on the Cubbies on Wrigley, and best of all – we made mountain pies!!

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Mountain pies are cooked sandwiches often made on camp trips. Unlike the foil-wrapped grilled cheese, a mountain pie requires a pie iron to make a gooey-crunchy sandwich. This iron has two long handles that allow you to squish the pie together and hold the iron at a safe distance from the fire.

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My grandpa introduced mountain pies to our family years ago. Our tradition is to make and eat the famous “Pap pie” every time he visits. The Gorski fam’s “Pap pie” of choice is the pizza mountain pie! Because we usually don’t have a fire, my grandpa uses a gas stove to prepare a mountain pie. He also use white bread and salted butter to prepare the mountain pies, but I had an itch to make a healthier version!

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2 slices Ezikiel bread


tomato sauce

low fat mozzarella cheese

shredded chicken

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Spread ghee on one side of each Ezikiel slice. This will be the side that faces the iron. Place the other ingredients on the side without ghee. Place sandwich in iron and close it. Place iron in the fire or on the gas stove and heat until cooked through. Flip the iron pie griller to allow the sandwich to cook through evenly.

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When adding the ingredients, avoid going overboard on the sauce. Otherwise, it will feel like hot lava. Also, keep the ingredients centered in the middle of the bread. Don’t worry about cutting bread outside the cast iron, it will burn off when cooking.

Click HERE for iron pie griller.

Do you have any special traditions when the family comes into town?!

xx hails

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  1. Pap and I enjoyed this blog post. Pap is proud to have had input into your Mountain Pie Pizza.

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