My 3 FAVE Ways to Eat Nourish Snacks

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I hope you all had a fabulous St. Patty’s day weekend!

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My friends and I had a blast, we ran up and down Langdon and hung out at different frats and took SO many pictures – but, what else is new?!

Before the St. Patrick’s day shenanigans began, I created a video.

My Social Media for The Life Sciences professor challenged me on Thursday to create a video for someone I look up to and someone who inspires me. I created a video for Joy Bauer, the nutrition and health expert of NBC and creator of Nourish Snacks. Joy has paved the path for “RD2Be”s outside the traditional route in the field of dietetics.

So, I decided to add a creative twist in my video shoutout and featured my favorite ways to eat the nourish snacks.

I haven’t much experience editing videos, but with an immense amount of patience and a bit of LUCK, I was able to finish the video before St. Patty’s day!

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Recipe 1:

1/2 cup rolled oats

1 cup water

splash of vanilla extract

coconut shavings

1/2 – 1 packet nourish snack’s crunchy coconut vanilla granola bites

optional : stevia to taste


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Mix the rolled oats, water, and vanilla and microwave for ~1 minutes. Top off the oatmeal with coconut shavings and the nourish snack’s crunchy coconut vanilla granola bites.

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Recipe 2:

3 T flax meal

3 T chia seeds

1/4 cup + 2 T coconut milk

1/4 banana mashed

1/4 banana sliced

1 T dark choco chunks

1/2 – 1 packet chocolate banana chewy granola bites

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In a saucepan, combine flax meal, chia seeds, and coconut milk over medium heat. Add extra coconut milk if desired. With a spoon, mix the flax and chia seeds with the coconut milk until it has a pudding texture. Remove from heat, mash 1/4 banana in with the flax-chia pudding. Top pudding with 1/4 banana sliced, dark choco chunks, and nourish snacks chewy granola bites.

So, you’re probably wondering what my third favorite way to have nourish snacks is… You will have to watch my YouTube video to find it!

I enjoy nourish snacks because they are a great portion size, they are portable, they have amazing flavors, and the ingredients are SIMPLE and purposeful! I am not a big snacker because most snacks have nasty ingredients, but nourish snacks has simple, healthy ingredients.

If you would like to try them out also, you can buy them on AMAZON, or you can use their SNACK LOCATOR!

If this is your first time trying nourish snacks, I would recommend buying the variety pack. My fave flavor is the chewy double chocolate bites.

LMK what you think of these recipes!

xx hails

PS. you can find Nourish Snacks on Instagram ( @nourishsnacks ) and Joy Bauer on Instagram ( @joybauer )!

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