Why You Should Be Following em_balanced on Instagram

What draws you to a fitness guru’s Instagram?!

Nowadays, people aren’t just about aesthetics. Big time Instagram influencers share their unique stories and keep their content raw and real.

Emily Ware is a Junior at the University of Mississippi. She created an Instagram account called “em_balanced” in high school that blew up, but not just because of aesthetics. She keeps everything raw and real with her followers.


Emily started her Instagram account to journal the food she ate while recovering from anorexia. Little did she expect that the documented food and fitness pictures would be viewed by over 30,000 of her dedicated Instagram followers.

I had the opportunity to interview this beautiful, strong girl. In this interview, Emily shares her story of battling with the demons of anorexia, some facts that her followers don’t know about her, her morning routine, and some of her fave things.

Without further ado, here is Emily!


HAILSHow and why did you start your Instagram account, “em_balanced”? Did you ever expect it to become as big as it is now? What do you want your followers to take away from your Instagram?

EM: When I was in high school and first got diagnosed with Anorexia I was hospitalized for three weeks and while there, I met with a therapist who suggested I started my account to ‘hold me accountable’ for eating…meaning he wanted me to post a picture of everything I ate. I never expected em_balanced to grow to what it is now and I honestly don’t know how it even grew. I want my followers to not only be inspired to eat healthy and exercise, but I want them to know that everyone struggles in life and we can either fall into the Devil’s trap or push the struggles aside and walk with God. I struggled for several years and still continue to struggle in certain aspects of my life but shining God’s light and being a positive influence in the world helps me stay happy and healthy. And just like I have overcome my battles, I know they can too.

HAILSWhat have you found to be most helpful in your journey to recovery?

EM: The people I surround myself with. They helped me recover and still help me to this day by being positive influences on my life. They encourage and motivate me every day and I wouldn’t trade any of that for the world.


HAILSWhat are you studying? How would you like to apply your studies after college?

EM: I am an Exercise Science major and hope to become a Strength and Conditioning coach for an NBA or NFL team one day, preferably the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Los Angeles Rams (NFL), Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), or the Dallas Mavericks (NBA). I’m not from Los Angeles or Dallas, however, I could really see myself living in either location when I am older.

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HAILSWhere do you see em_balanced going in the future? Do you hope to continue growing em_balanced and create a full time job out of this platform?

EM: For the future, I do not want em_balanced to become a full-time job, but I would like it to grow to become a secondary source of income.

HAILSWhat is a fun fact that your followers don’t know about you?! 

EM: My favorite animal is a horse.

If I could move anywhere in the world it would be Sydney, Australia.

I played basketball for 9 years and will forever be a die-hard fan of the game. I’m always down to watch any game regardless of who is playing.


HAILSWhat is your morning routine?

EM: My morning routine typically consists of waking up an hour or so before class (I have class at 9). Within the hour, I make my bed, wash my face, brush my teeth, throw on a little mascara and call it done. While getting ready I drink a large cup of ice water, followed by taking a shot of ACV and my morning vitamins/prescriptions. Before walking out the door, I be sure to make myself a cup of coffee to-go so I don’t fall asleep in class.

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HAILSWhat’s your favorite treat and staple pantry and fridge items?!

EM: Sweet potatoes, Peanut Butter, Bananas, and Cereal (Banana flavored cheerios are my absolute jam) are always a must have in my pantry.

In my fridge I always keep carrots, guacamole (spicy kind duh), romaine lettuce, unsweet vanilla almond milk, and frozen fruit in my freezer!

My favorite treat would probably have to be homemade rice crispy treats, my mom’s key lime pie, or a butternut squash pie from True Food Kitchen.

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HAILSWhat is your favorite workout playlist or type of music to listen to when you workout?

EM: Nothing but rap music for me – Future, Migos, Kodak, Travis Scott, Post Malone— are some of my favorite artists. Other than from when I work out, I’m not much of a music listener, but my little brother is so I ask him to make me new playlists occasionally. He usually nails it and I love the songs he ends up putting on the playlists.

HAILSWhat advice would you give someone who is just getting started on their fitness journey? What is your favorite workout/way to get moving?

EM: My first advice is to find a type of exercise you enjoy, if you don’t like it, you won’t stick to it!

My favorite type of workout is weight lifting, but I’ve been getting more into plyometric and gymnastic type exercises too! I have found that a mixture of all three is what keeps me wanting to go back to the gym!

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HAILSWhere can we find you?!

EM:  I only have an Instagram, but I have my personal account ( @ware.day.at.doe ) and my health/fitness one ( @em_balanced ).

Thank you so much, Emily! Your story is so inspiring.

xx hails

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