DIY Iced Coffee

Ladies and gents, you must try this.

Every morning in high school, I would walk to school with a hot cup of Keurig coffee. I was hit hard with the “senioritis bug” my senior year and would arrive late every morning. I’d do that awkward half jog / half walk to school and spill my hot coffee everywhere.

Despite my awkward late appearance to first period with coffee stains, I was still obsessed with coffee… specifically, iced coffee. I still drank my hot k-cup coffee; I didn’t have time to go to Starbucks, let alone brush on mascara!!

On the rare days I wasn’t running late for first period, I would walk with my dad. He took the train to Chicago every morning for work, and the train station was on my way to school.


Anyway, one morning my dad and I were walking together and he told me about the train station’s coffee. They make their own coffee ice cubes. GENIUS!! We are a fam fueled by coffee. Similar to the Goldilocks bears, we like our coffee how we like our coffee; it must be just right… (i.e. iced)


I tried the coffee from the train station. Ever since, I’ve always made an effort to make myself coffee ice cubes, especially during the summertime.

Not only can you sip on an iced coffee, but you save $ and get more coffee ;P.

The best part? You don’t water down your coffee. Step aside Starbucks!



Heres what you do:

Prepare a cup of coffee. Chill coffee for a few minutes ( to avoid melting the ice cube tray ). Pour coffee into the ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Prepare another cup of coffee and add coffee ice cubes.

Tip: if you like milk in your coffee, add almond milk to the ice cube tray!

Bottoms up!!

You can find your ice cube tray HERE – and yes, they have it in pink!!

How do you like your coffee?!

Xx hails

4 thoughts on “DIY Iced Coffee

    1. Yay! Let me know how you like them! Iced coffee ice cubes are perfect for summer. Especially if you want an iced coffee ASAP but don’t want to water it down or have time to throw it in the freezer.
      Maddie showed me the pic of your coconut energy balls; they look delicious! Adding flax seed was a great idea, I’m going to try that next time. 😛
      Thanks for reading <3

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