Coco For Coconuts

Throwback to the 1970’s when all fat was demonized as an unhealthy source of calories. Now we say…


…Well, sort of!

My grandpa was given some advice regarding his diabetes. His doctor instructed him to avoid any food containing fat – including eggs and peanut butter. Every so often, my grandpa would treat himself with a spoonful of… peanut butter! ( Sorry, Mary Poppins ) . Little did they know at that time how certain fat in proper portion sizes can actually be good for you! In fact, certain fatty acids are essential for proper physiology! Diseases can even emerge from fat deficiencies.

What about saturated fats? Contrary to popular belief, sometimes saturated fats can be healthy. Saturated fats are fats that are “saturated” with hydrogen. Because of the amount of hydrogens, there is no room for a kink in the chain. The carbon chain is therefore straight and the other saturated carbon chains have less of a “gap” in between another. Because the chains are more compact, they are solid at room temperature. Currently, the media’s saturated fat obsession is… coconut oil!

Notice how the oil is solid?!

Coconut oil is extracted from the fruit of mature coconuts. To receive the benefits of this fat, you can ingest OR externally use it.

Due to the high smoke point, coconut oil can tolerate high heat better than other oils when cooking so it is a fabulous olive oil replacement. You can also add a tablespoon in your smoothie to increase your energy!

This oil helps our immune system resist viruses and bacteria, fight yeast, fungus and balancing blood sugar. My family has thyroid issues and coconut oil consumption is one natural method to help regulate the thyroid gland. Hypothyroid is often associated with weight gain. In addition to helping the function of the thyroid gland, coconut oil can increase metabolism and energy to aid in weight loss. Remember, everything in moderation!!

However, my favorite ways to benefit from this oil are externally!


Give your locks some love by soaking them in coconut oil. Yes, it is an odd concept to massage oil in your hair but I swear by it! Over the summer, I would soak by hair biweekly and I learned to put the oil at the bottom of half of my hair ( otherwise it takes FOREVER to get the oil out ). Allow it to sit in a bun for a few hours before washing it out.


Another moisturizing method is to massage coconut oil on your skin. This is a fabulous moisturizer because you are only rubbing one, chemical free, ingredient on your skin. Most importantly, you will smell like a beach goddess!


Did you know that women are exposed to around 168 chemicals from cosmetics? Even more chemicals are used to remove the makeup. I love using coconut oil as a makeup remover because in addition to containing no nasty chemicals, it effectively takes off my mascara AND it moisturizes my face – double whammy! You can also use the oil as an all natural highlighter.

Body Scrub

Combine coconut oil and sugar for a DIY body scrub!

What is your favorite way to use coconut oil?!

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