Everything You Should Know About Palmini Pasta

“The perfect pasta doesn’t exi- .. ”

CORRECTION: the perfect pasta DOES exist.

What exactly is a perfect pasta in my book??

One that is the best of both worlds – delicious AND healthy.

YES YES, you all know that I am obsessed with healthy pasta alternatives – like THIS and THIS  – but IMO, Palmini takes ALL of the marbles.

I first heard of this pasta when interning at F-Factor last summer. When I was reunited with my kitchen at home in Chicago, I ordered a pack of Palmini… Then I ordered another… and another…

This pasta is a fabulous sub for regular pasta because it has one main healthy ingredient – hearts of palm! One serving has 20 calories, 2 net carbs, and 2 grams of protein. Between you and me, I just eat a whole can because it does have three servings, but it only has 60 calories… SIXTY !! Regular, cooked pasta has over 490% more calories and 460% more carbs. Palmini is SO low in cal’s due to his water content! Over 90% of this product is water!

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If you are wondering how Palmini compares to zoodles, I would say that Palmini holds significantly better and resembles pasta more. I find that when preparing zoodles, the zoodle goes limp and goopy. Palmini on the other hand can hold up well and mixes in with pasta sauce very well.

In addition to Palmini holding up well, it also comes ready to eat so you don’t have to cook it. So it technically is easier to prepare than regular noodles.

Once you open the can, you have to drain the Palmini and rinse it with water. On the can, they recommend soaking the pasta in almond milk for 45 minutes to neutralize the flavor. I tried both methods of soaking and not soaking the Palmini pasta and didn’t notice much of a difference. They also recommend adding the drained Palmini to boiling water for 5-10 minutes or until desired texture is achieved. Again, I tried this method and also tried the pasta without boiling it and didn’t notice much of a difference. I like to heat up the Palimini in a sauce pan with TJ’s tomato basil sauce and find that that does the trick.

My roomies and friends next door tried a bite of my prepared Palmini pasta and LOOVEED it!! Since they all gave it the thumbs up, I’m planning a Palmini Pasta night // wine night with the girls.

I use any and every excuse to eat low cal pasta and drink rosé… But don’t we all 😉

Here is my go-to easy way of prepping the LEGENDARY Palmini pasta…


1 can of Palmini pasta

1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil sauce

1 chicken sausage

2 T Parmesan or Nutritional Yeast


Drain Palmini and rinse with plenty of water. Add Palmini, chicken sausage, and pasta sauce to a medium size sauce pan and heat. Enjoy!

I bought my Palmini pasta HERE !!

Hope you enjoy your low-cal, healthy pasta wise rosé!!

xx hails

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