Get Tipsy off ( low carb ) Pasta

Hello, helloooo!

Anyone else going cray this time of the summer?

I’ve moved out of my old apartment and into the new, finished two summer classes, drove home ( to Chicago ) from Madison, spent 24 hours in Michigan with friends, and started getting ready to fly to Canada!! If that isn’t doing the most, idk what is.

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Before I head north to the land of maple syrup, ( and apparently chocolate bars ?!! ) I’m sticking to a strict diet and workout routine. There’s a fat chance that I’ll be treating myself to pancakes drowned in maple syrup and chocolate chips 😛

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After I unpacked at home, my mom and I went to Trader Joe’s for a healthy food haul and I bought all the necessities : everything but the bagel seasoning, ezikiel toast, brussels sprouts, spinach, avocado and RED LENTIL PASTA.

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My insta feed is saturated with this high protein, low carb beauty. The TJ’s red lentil pasta v filling & v healthy. I like to jazz it up with roasted brussels sprouts, roasted asparagus, parm cheese, and vodka sauce – maybe I’ll hold off on chocolate wasted and just get pasta wasted for now??!

I have to give a shoutout to Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential for introducing this guiltless pasta to me.

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1/3 cup dry red lentil pasta

1/2 cup roasted brussels sprouts

1/2 cup roasted asparagus

vodka sauce

parm cheese

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Bring water to a boil, add pasta and turn down to a simmer. Cook until pasta is al dente, drain pasta, add pasta to pot with vodka sauce and roasted vegetables. Heat until desired temperature is reached. Sprinkle on parm cheese and enjoy!!

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B/c I’m a TJ’s groupie, I also use their vodka sauce, but you could easily sub with another sauce. I also enjoy adding roasted veggies to my pasta because it adds larger volume.

LMK what you think!

xx hails

PS – ditch that trip to TJ’s!! instead of driving there, you can just but your Red Lentil Pasta HERE!!

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