How To Make The World Renowned F-Factor GG Pizza


After a summer of making GG pizzas at 4:00 on the DOT, I decided that it was about time that I share F-Factor’s SECRET GG pizza recipe with you guys.

This recipe has been passed down for… err… one generation !!

Tanya Zuckerbrot, CEO and founder of F-Factor, created this GG pizza recipe. TBH, I was pretty skeptical of this recipe at first; I grew up in the Chicago area and have been training my palate to taste pizza like a pro since day 1.

Some people are wine snobs, I am a pizza snob.


When your palate has been trained to taste pizza for 21 years in the pizza capital of the world, it’s expected to be skeptical of the taste and texture of a high fiber pizza snack – RIGHT?!

I was a skeptic, but I kept an open mind.

Our first task as interns was to whip up 4 GG pizzas for a client. As curious interns, we made a few extra pizzas to try ourselves. One bite in and my pizza game was forever changed. I am OBSESSED with these pizza crackers. So obsessed that I’ve been making these GG pizzas almost every day since I learned how to make them.

The F-Factor diet recommends eating this high fiber snack between 4-6:00 PM. As stated earlier, the interns and I make our GG pizzas at 4:00 on the dot… god forbid we wait until 4:01 for our delish pizza snack !!

You probably wondering why we eat right before dinner, but we spoil our appetite on purpose!

The reason we have this high fiber, high protein snack BEFORE dinner is to offset hunger. Dinner is the meal where people tend to overeat the most. These snacks is absolutely mandatory for the clients and those on the F-Factor diet, ( even if they aren’t hungry ) because it will offset hunger!

These pizzas are so filling because of the fiber and protein. In one serving of F-Factor’s GG pizzas, you are consuming 17 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein. Soluble fiber swells up like a sponge in the stomach giving food a jellylike bulk that makes you full. Insoluble fiber, AKA “nature’s broom”, serves to speed up the process of moving material through the digestive tract. Protein generally increases satiety to a greater extent than carbs or fat. An article published in May of 2008 noted that protein also increases thermogenesis ( more info on thermogenesis HERE ) which also influences satiety and augments energy expenditure.

Sounds like a winner – winner – snack before dinner 😉

Not to brag or anything, but I’ve perfected my GG pizza after my first few weeks of interning. 😉

Here are my tips for making the best GG pizza :

♡ Amanda Ryman, an associate dietitian at F-Factor, gave me a little tip. Instead of using just low-fat cottage cheese, use whipped low-fat cottage cheese. This gives the cheese topping a texture similar to Ricotta cheese! #YASPLEASE

♡ Personal preference, but I like to add Frank’s Red Hot to mine! Unfortunately, the F-Factor fridge doesn’t carry Frank’s so I have to bring my own! #BYOF

♡ Microwave the pizzas for 2 minutes – the cheese gets even more gooey and the cracker softens up even more than the standard GG pizza cracker.

♡ Make sure you are using a salt free seasoning. A little bit of salt never hurt anybody, but salt can lead to water retention and bloating! Nobody wants that – especially before happy hour which is about one hour after GG pizza time. The brand we use at the office is the Frontier garlic & herb salt free seasoning blend. Would def recommend! 


4 GG crackers

1/3 cup whipped 1% cottage cheese

1/4 cup pizza sauce ( recommended brands below )

red chili flake

FRONTIER’s garlic & herb salt free seasoning blend

frank’s red hot


Place the 4 GG crackers on a microwave safe plate. Spoon sauce over each cracker, leaving some room on the sides. On top of the sauce, spoon on the cottage cheese and spread evenly. Top with seasonings, to taste. Microwave for 1-1:15.

At F-Factor, we use Va-Va Lutenica Mixed Vegetable Spread. I would recommend this spread with every fiber of my body ( pun intended ); however, Amazon’s price is pretty steep. The Rao’s Pizza Sauce is a close second. I like this sauce because it has clean ingredients and unlike many other sauces, Rao’s doesn’t sneak in any sugar.

ALSO – Don’t worry! The GG crackers are larger than most crackers, so you will be eating more than just a few “pizza bites”! Additionally, the fiber crackers soften up in the microwave so your pizzas won’t have the texture of cardboard. 😉

I don’t claim for that these GG pizzas taste as good as Lou Malnati’s, but they do taste pretty damn good and will keep you full without feeling sluggish.

Would you try a high fiber pizza?!

xx hails

Sources : The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 87, Issue 5, 1 May 2008, Pages 1558S–1561S,

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  1. I can’t wait to make these. I definitely need a little snack while I’m preparing dinner and this looks deelish! Can you tell me what brand of whipped cottage cheese to buy? Love your blog I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and suggestions. I love the ice roller too!

    1. i’m SO happy to hear that!! isn’t the ice roller the BEST?!!
      i use 1% milk fat low fat friendship dairies cottage cheese! hope you enjoy!;)

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