What To Do With Strawberries…

Anyone else psycho about wasting food??!

I work at a Bistro in Camp Randall. Every Friday, we have to get rid of our leftover sandwiches, salads, wraps, etc. Every Friday at 2:30PM, I bike to my apartment, lopsided with a garbage bag slung over my shoulder and Longchamp FILLED with leftovers over the other shoulder.

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When I get back, I share my sandwiches with all my friends. Those sandwiches will not be wasted under my belt!

Another thing I refuse to waste?? Strawberries!

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Strawberry harvest is at its peak from April to June. Sadly, the peak harvest season ship has sailed; the strawberries in my fridge don’t have that delicate, snappy texture anymore.

So, instead of throwing away my strawberries ( and the $ I spent on them ), I make strawberry jam.

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This isn’t jam you will find at your hometown’s Farmer’s Market. This isn’t the mason jar jam from your new next door neighbor.

Most jam recipes take about 40 minutes to prepare but…

This jam takes ~10 seconds to make. Its perf for those who are always on the go ( ie. me ).

Basically all you do is mash strawberries with chia seeds… and that’s it! The chia seeds absorb the moisture from the strawberries and become gelatinous. It’s pretty cool…! This jam works best with the mushy strawberries.

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When life gives you mushy, out of season, strawberries, you make strawberry jam. hah!

Hope you enjoy!

xx hails


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  1. Love this idea! Can’t wait to try it and I’ll call it Hails jam🍓🍓🍓

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