Kourtney K’s Avo Pudding

I have a guilty pleasure… and no, it isn’t avocado pudding!

I can’t stop watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After a long day at work or studying, I want nothing more than to sip on a bottle of booch and watch an episode of KUWTK. I’ve got no shame in my Kardashian game.

Do I feel like I have gained any knowledge from watching it? Nah… But, it’s funny as hell! I also enjoy hearing about their latest food trends.

Kourtney, the health guru of the family, eats only organic and non-GMO foods. She is often seen on the show eating a huge salad from Health Nut or blending up her famous avocado pudding, what she calls “a power meal in a cup”. Kourt makes this as her pre-workout snack because it is quick, easy, and filling.

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As a dedicated KUWTK binge watcher, I felt obligated to try this avo pudding. Kourtney uses avocado, whole milk, and sugar or Manuka honey. I created a recipe similar to hers, but used more convenient and less expensive ingredients.


1 cup full fat coconut milk

1 avocado

1/2 cup ice

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp maple syrup OR stevia to taste

1/2 a pinch of salt


Gather all ingredients. Pour milk into blender. Add the rest of ingredients. Blend and serve!

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I prefer mine cold so I add ice, Kourtney serves hers warm. I also enjoy drinking mine like a smoothie, but if you prefer a thicker texture, add less milk.

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In the summer, fruit ripens very quickly. I only have one mouth to feed ( me ) and while I avoid wasting food, I often end up with over-ripe fruits. This recipe is a great way to sneak fruit into your diet before the summer’s heat gets to your food before you do!

Avocado pudding doesn’t beat the classic fruit smoothie, but I will be whipping up the Kourtney K pudding this summer. This recipe is too convenient, nutritious, and delish to disregard.

This may become my new go-to bev while I binge watch KUWTK…

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What are your thoughts on drinking avocado??


xx hails

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