Arctic Zero Review

We ALL scream for ice cream!

While I may love all things healthy, I still have my unhealthy obsessions. My kryptonite is ice cream and chocolate. I could dive into Ben and Jerry’s “Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz” and eat the entire tub, no problem. However, this habit had to change….

My way of dealing with my guilty pleasures? I enjoy making my banana ice cream, eating dark chocolate bites, or finding a healthier substitute!

Last year, I discovered Arctic Zero after finding it on a trip to the grocery store at school. I found that Arctic Zero is low in: fat, calories, glycemic index, and is lactose and GMO free. 1/2 cup of their creamy pints are only 35 calories, making each tub only 150 calories! So, of course, I STUFFED my mini fridge with Arctic Zero so I would always have a healthier treat handy. Every other week, my best friend, Elizabeth, would come to my dorm room and we would vent about our classes while spooning the Cookie Shake Arctic Zero while watching New Girl. Since then, we have explored other flavors of Arctic Zero and ice cream substitutes and have learned about the pros and cons of different ingredients, textures, and taste!

Elizabeth and I decided to create a joint Instagram account designated towards healthy food findings and creations. After a couple months, a representative from Arctic Zero slid into “haileyelizabeth_healthyeats”‘s DMs and offered us a few tubs of Arctic Zero! We emailed her back and tried out 5 of their flavors. Elizabeth tested every flavor and wrote her opinions of each flavor. Here is what she said:


“Wow. Not quite sure where to begin with how impressed I was with all 5 of the Arctic Zero flavors so generously sent to us by one of their representatives. Below, I ranked my personal order with little explanations as to why I loved, liked, or disliked each flavor.

  • Brownie batter Okay this was without a doubt my #1 favorite. To me, it was the most realistic tasting flavor, meaning if I would’ve gotten Ben and Jerry’s brownie batter, it definitely wasn’t the same, but close enough to satisfy a chocolate craving! The chunks of brownie tasted very similar to actual brownies which scored tons of bonus points for me; the chocolate ice cream was creamy and delicious!
  • Snickerdoodle Not going to lie, I had a difficult decision to make between this and my #1 selection. I’ve always been a fan of snickerdoodle cookies and this was pretty dang close, especially with the chunks of snickerdoodle and cinnamon swirl. Definitely deserved the #2 spot and maybe even tied for #1!!
  • Cake batter While this flavor was not as rich as what I am use to, it did the job of curbing my sweet tooth!
  • Banana Pudding Rightfully deserving the #4 spot was this flavor. I’m not a big fan of bananas so naturally, I am biased. However, this pint did somewhat reminded me of a banana Laffy Taffy!
  • Pomegranate Nothing against fruity flavors of ice cream or frozen yogurt, but if I’m going to have a dessert, I want something rich and chocolatey! This flavor takes the bottom slot because I am not a big fan of fruity desserts. This flavor would however would taste delicious topped off with berries and granola! If your preference of dessert is fruity, I would recommend this one!”
Pomegranate Arctic Zero

What are your favorite treats?!

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