Fall in Love With Oatmeal

This breakfast is the G(OATmeal)… Sorry, I had to…

Walking around a big campus to class + Having back to back classes + Time spent in the library = Little time for running around for meals. When I am at school, I NEED a big breakfast to fuel me for hours. If not, I will come back to the house and eat all the coco puffs, chocolate chip cookies, and pop tarts in sight!


I live in the sorority house which provides some breakfast options- sugary cereal, some fruit, and oatmeal packets- but no kitchen. To avoid having a sugary breakfast, I usually make my own oatmeal every morning with peanut butter and cinnamon because it simply requires a microwave. After about a two months of the exact same breakfast, I decided it was time to mix it up, literally!

I put PUMPKIN in my oatmeal.

Why make your own bowl of oatmeal? It is cheap and healthier than the alternative, flavored oatmeal packets. This recipe has no artificial sugars, it is all natural!


1/2 cup rolled oats

1 cup water

2+ T pumpkin puree

Dash of pumpkin spice

Dash of cinnamon

Maple syrup to drizzle


Heat the oats and water in the microwave from 1-1.5 minutes. Mash in the banana and add the rest of the ingredients.

After all, fall always calls for pumpkin in everything, right?

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