Dining Out Disasters

7 days, 21 meals.

For a week, I had to buy all my meals outside of my sorority house. Our chef wasn’t scheduled to prepare our meals until the first day of school… and we had a whole week after move in day until school started! That meant I had to use the itty-bitty amount of money that I had, to fend for myself. Cost and health were my primary concerns these 7 days. Check out these tips I learned when eating out!

Plan ahead

  • Take a peek at the menu; see if there are any healthy choices or options that follow any diet restrictions you may have. This is also a great way to see what you can afford!

Keep it simple

  • If you want something light, go for a salad! The killer for most salads is the dressing. Salads are nutritious, but they can have a dressing that is full of unhealthy fats. Go for an olive oil drizzle with squeezed lemon (my fave) or a balsamic vinaigrette dressing! OR ask for dressing on the side and do the “fork dip”.
  • Hungry for more? Ask for chicken or shrimp on top of you salad; protein is the best way to feel full for a long period of time in comparison to a carb or fat.


  • If you decide to treat yourself to a burger, try substituting the side of fries for veggies or a side salad!
  • Ask for a whole grain instead of white bread. Whole grain provides fiber and has a lower glycemic index. G.I. is the rate in which glucose enters your blood stream.

Be Picky with the Preparation

  • Calories in baked and grilled food < Calories in fried food; aim for baked or grilled food instead of fried to avoid the extra unhealthy fatty calories.

Portion Sizes

  • If you are anything like me, you will eat any amount of food that if put in front of you. The simplest way to avoid overeating is to ask to be served half the portion size and to get the other half to-go before serving!


Drink Water

  • Drinking water will help you eat slower and allow you to enjoy your food! Also, this will give your brain time to get the signal when you are full!

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