7 Q’s With The Queen, Keltie Knight

Have you ever met someone famous?? 

My first celeb encounter was Cheryl Tiegs, who I met at a wedding years ago.

At the time, I had NO IDEA who she was – I was an oblivious little girl.

My parents later told me that the blonde lady in cheetah heels was a supermodel… I was more amazed than Hillary during the DNC ball drop….

BUT… Could you imagine interviewing and talking with celebs on the regular??! Or being featured on the pages of Vogue, Elle, Glamour, US Weekly, People Stylewatch, and the NYT??

Keltie Knight from the Lady Gang has these experiences on the reg.

Keltie is the K-UEEN of Hollywood. If you have been living under a rock for the past few years, here are a few reasons why Keltie is killin’ the game. 

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This Canadian native is a two time Emmy Nominated television personality and Entertainment Tonight correspondent. She has interviewed big time celebs like Oprah, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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In addition to her wit on TV, she is one of the three fabulous podcasters on a celebrity driven podcast, The LadyGang. She works with Becca Tobin from Glee and Jac Vanek, the CEO of Jac Vanek. The trio’s podcast is a raw, honest and will leave you LOL-ing on your commute to work.

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While their bottomless mimosa inspired podcast may be lighthearted, Keltie has shared her struggles with Hashimoto’s disease; she lives out of a suitcase, yet she manages to remain in constant check with her health. I was immediately interested to hear more about her experience having Hashimoto’s disease, as I was diagnosed about a year ago.


( Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the butterfly-shaped gland in the neck, the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland makes hormones that control metabolism. Some symptoms weight gain, fatigue, paleness or puffiness of the fact, joint and muscle pain, depression, among other symptoms. )

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With no further ado, here are the deets on Knight.

HAILS: According to your Wiki page, your dancing career brought you to the United States and you danced for the New York Knicks, Radio City Rockets, and alongside big names like John Legend, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce. What was the most challenging part of being a dancer? Why did you leave dancing and start a career as a TV personality and podcaster?

KK: Never knowing when your next paycheck was coming from. I had an UBER successful career and still felt poor and hopeless everyday. That makes me sad for artists, because art is so important but it’s very rare you can make a living being an artist. Beyoncé was actually the reason I retired from dancing. I worked my final gig with her, and I did not have a good time- the politics, begging for money, auditioning against other girls for places on stage when you already booked the gig was just frustrating and after a decade in the business, hung up my dancing shoes. I had begun hosting for YouTube and little shows before I stopped dancing and when I retired I focused everything I had into my new venture. Almost another 10 years and I kinda feel like I’m starting to get the dream jobs I want! There really is no thing as an overnight success.

HAILS: What drove you to where you are now and what is your fave tip or piece of advice for a girl who dreams big, like yourself?

KK: The truth is, you can become anything you want. I am a gal with no contacts in Hollywood, and here I am on Entertainment Tonight. But you have to be good at what you do. Not just talented, but hard working, team player, fast, smart and make sacrifices in order to put your career first. It’s not for everyone.

HAILS: Is there a certain food or treat you enjoy/ miss most from Canada?

KK: Mint Areo bars! 

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HAILS: What does a day in the life look like?

KK: I have to wait an hour after taking my thyroid meds to eat, so I’m a tea in the morning gal. At work I’ll have oatmeal or granola with coconut milk for breakfast, a veggie wrap for lunch, and dinner I either skip because I’m exhausted or Postmates Italian and pig out. I eat a lot of chocolate, I drink a lot of ice tea and sparking water. I want to be a better eater and sometimes I am good and sometimes I fall far off the wagon!

HAILS: On Instagram you shared an inspiring before and after photo of you when you started BBG [ Bikini Body Guide ] and on the podcast, you share how frequently you travel. What inspired you to join BBG?

KK: I went to a party and was photographed and my arm was not looking cute all smushed up against my body. It rocked me, and I knew I needed to change my plan. People always think I get injections in my cheeks because they are naturally really full and puffy, I don’t. When I gain weight I swear I gain it in my face first!

HAILS: How do you maintain a fitness and healthy eating routine while traveling  – do you still use BBG?

KK: Yes! Just last week I was staying at a hotel in NYC, and I did my BBG workout in my hotel room and used a marble tabletop as my weight and the wooden bench you put your suitcase as my step up. I always feel better after a workout, and it’s for my mind too.

HAILS: You mentioned in a few episodes on the podcast that you have Hashimoto’s. What is your story behind the diagnosis and have you had to make any lifestyle changes after getting diagnosed? (ex. Thyroid pills, exercise, monitoring your diet)

KK: I kept going to doctor after doctor because I didn’t feel right. My hair was falling out. I gained weight. I was EXHAUSTED. I was also really, really sad. I was so depressed, that after I shoot I seriously thought about driving my car into a wall because I felt so overwhelmed and I kept being told, over and over that nothing was wrong with me and that all my blood work was fine.

I eventually found a specialist in NYC who treated me. The really hard thing about auto-immune is that you look perfectly fine (except, I was wearing a wig.) I still struggle but I have learned to rest when I need to rest, and not feel guilty when I have to literally lay and look at the ceiling for an entire day. I’ve also learned the signs that I’m pushing it. I’ll break out in hives, my left eye will start twitching, or my mind will become really foggy. That’s why I really look up to Selena Gomez, she’s been so honest about her struggle with auto-immune. It really is never cured, you have to constantly check in and take care of your mental health, because your mind controls your symptoms. She’s really brave.


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Thank you so much, Keltie!

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  1. Great interview! Good advice regarding Hashimoto disease. A reminder for those like us to take it easy when our bodies tell us to.

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