Why You Need Frozen Bluebs In Your Life + Blueberry Lemon Overnight Oats Recipe


I’m on cloud 9 because I am FINALLY cleaned up my apartment, finished my laundry, washed all the dishes ( no dishwasher – #NYCkitchenprobs ) and caught up on my online statistics work! It only took like, 3 weeks to do it all…


( Why I was so behind HERE )

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI chipped my nails from cleaning the apartment and cleaning the dishes, so I decided to give myself a fresh mani. PINK PER USH!

I’m currently typing at sloth speed because my nails are still drying; I always paint my nails at THE MOST inconvenient times ( before bed, before work, before a blog post… ). But seriously, is there any convenient time to paint nails?

Usually our apartment is SO SO clean & I don’t have to freshen up my mani because I am such a clean freak. However, this morning I had a little mishap… I was making my breakfast of GG crackers with nonfat greek yogurt, frozen berry medley, banana, cinnamon, & stevia. The berry mix froze into one large berry clump so naturally I started banging it on the floor like a MAD WOMAN ( SRY sleeping roomies – ya girl needs to get her fiber in !! ).

Can you guess what happened??

The mix went EVERYWHERE.

When I say everywhere, I literally mean everywhere. There were berries flew out of the bag on to the kitchen floor, the refrigerator, my shorts, and even INTO THE BATHROOM AND ON THE FREAKIN’ BATH MAT.

I have absolutely no idea how they got that far. My only explanation is that my apartment is to itty bitty that… But I mean – STILL !!

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I love fresh berries with all my heart but since moving to New York, I’ve had a few issues with them :

  1. They are more expensive than frozen
  2. If you don’t use them up quickly, they will mold – that means more trips to the grocery store & that’s a waste of food and $
  3. OK this isn’t really a legit point, but I often am too lazy to wash them before I eat them. I always G2G and don’t want to spend all my time washing berries ( or dishes for that matter.. )
  4. There is absolutely no space in my fridge to stock up on fresh berries

So, instead of buying my berries fresh, I’ve been buying them frozen! And lemme just say, its LIFE. CHANGING.

Less $, less time waiting in crazy long lines, less time washing berries, and less space in my precious fridge.

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The other week, I was wandering though just about every aisle in TJ’s looking for some hidden gems. I was walking through the frozen aisles and found some frozen bluebs. PERF!

Being the statistics nerd I am, I was eager to do some price comparison ( ONLY KIDDING HAH, just tryna save $ ).

The blueberries were $1.99 for 12 ounces. That is $0.17 per ounce. Compared to the fresh blueberries which were $7.49 for 18 ounces. According to my calculations, that is $0.41 per ounce.

international man of mystery nerd GIF

*pushes up nerdy glasses*


The fresh bluebs were over 2X the price of the frozen one.

As a penny pinching intern in NYC, I didn’t have to think twice. I grabbed the frozen bluebs and got in line to check out – I’ve some overnight oats to make!!

If you are skeptical about making the switch, I would DEF recommend trying frozen bluebs in your overnight oats. Because the ingredients soak overnight, the frozen bluebs have time to defrost and when they do, the blueberry “juice” mixes in the oats a lot better than fresh blueberries!

In this recipe, I also added some lemon juice because it is SO refreshing. Summer recipes just need a little extra something to keep me feeling refreshed in the heat- ja feel?!

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♡ ½ cup rolled oats

♡ 1 cup coconut milk

♡ ½ tsp vanilla extract

♡ 1 T lemon juice

♡ lemon zest ( optional )

♡ ½ T slivered almonds

♡ ½ tsp stevia


Add all ingredients to a mason jar and shake! Store with a lid overnight in the refrigerator and serve in the morning! Optional to microwave.

The mason jar I linked IS microwave safe ( **the lid & ring AREN’T !! ) if you prefer to eating warm overnight oats. I like mine cold in the summer! 😉 Also, if you’re always on the go in the AM, I would DEF recommend prepping a few for the week at one time! It will save you SO much time in the morning. 

I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!! Just remember to not paint your nails before prepping your breakfast!

xx hails

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