How to BBQ-uinoa For the Girl Who Can’t BBQ…


But hold up, hold up. We’ve got an issue – I don’t have a grill in my NYC dorm.

OH ALSO! I don’t know how to grill! 😉

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My family consists of three guys who can grill anything and everything, one lady who can grill to absolute perfection, and a gal who just eats what comes off the grill! Take a WILD guess which one is me :’)

Yep yep yep. You guessed it. I can’t grill, but I do love to eat.

So, what’s a gal who can’t grill to do when it’s the midst of BBQ szn??

I have the solution…

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Make an easy-peasy BBQ bottle squeezy quinoa dish!

Seriously though, all you have to do is squeeze in some BBQ sauce…

This dish is not only delicious, but it is also CRAAAZY filling and packed with nutrients.

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This dish is LOADED with…

♡ FIBER : quinoa and black beans are packed with fiber; fiber contains no calories, keeps you full, regulates bowel movement, promotes weight loss, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and feeds the good bugs in your gut!

♡ PROTEIN : quinoa and chicken are PACKED with protein which builds and repairs tissues. Additionally, protein is used to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. OH – and did you know… 20-30% of total calories in protein eaten go to digesting it !! #YASPLEASE!! 


♡ ½ cup cooked quinoa

♡ ½ cup grilled chicken

♡ ½ T bbq sauce

♡ lettuce

♡ 2 T black beans

♡ 1 T cheese

♡ 1-2 T red onion

♡ black pepper to taste

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NOTE TO MY FELLOW GALS WHO CAN’T GRILL : Trader Joe’s sells delish pre-grilled chick chick, so don’t worry about trying to grill 😉

I hope you all enjoy!!

xx hails

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