How to Make a R W & B Coconut Dessert Martini

HOLY CRAP. There is a heat wave in NYC and it is taking a toll on me…

Today, I walked from the subway to F Factor with a blush satin scrunchie tied around my hair ( god FORBID I walk into work with a dent in my hair !! ) and I’ve nearly sweated off all of my serum and sunscreen. We’re talking FULL BLOWN, dripping sweat to work.

The humid subway ride didn’t help much… That’s when I knew that I had to bring out the big guns ( ie. the scrunchie ).

At F Factor, we usually start the day at 9:00 and wrap up our day around 6:00. Only issue being that happy hour starts at 5:00 and I get home from work around 6:30/45. Luckily, today we’re getting out a few hours earlier so I’ll actually make it to happy hour on time! It’s 5:00 somewhere and I need to cool off somehow – RIGHT?! 😉

It’s also the week of the 4th of July so it’s yet another reason to clink some glasses with my friends!

Unfortunately, most bars don’t serve kombucha “kocktails” which would be ideal for the day before the 4th. I must be able to rally for tomorrow and I’d love a refreshing drink that will detox while I retox. HAH! 

I recently whipped up a fruity martini glass that BLEW. MY. MIND. Just like the kombucha “kocktail”; it isn’t your average drink.

It was absolutely delicious, pretty nutritious ( compared to the next best option ), and it was a… VIRGIN MARTINI.

OH – & instead of sipping on it, I ate it.

Can you take a wild guess what was in it?! 😉

I made this dessert martini a few weeks ago when I was testing out 4th of July recipes and fell in LOOOVE.

This isn’t one of those “desserts” **she says with air quotes** that has tangy Greek yogurt instead of super sweet ice cream. BC let’s be honest, that isn’t dessert – it’s just breakfast disguised as dessert.

I’ve recently become obsessed, like OBSESSED with all things coconut. So much that I had to include it in the 4th of July recipes that I helped Joy Bauer whip up. Coconut sugar, shredded coconut, coconut ice cream, coconut nourish snacks ( I might even life them more than the double chocolate nourish snacks flavor ) are my new vices.

* GASP *

I never thought the day would come that I would choose coconut over chocolate… Coconut is just so refreshing during the summertime!

SO – swap out that piña colada for a better kind of coconut – a coconut whipped cream dessert. ( then treat yourself to a kombucha “kocktail”… or two… )


4 strawberries

2 tsp white chia seeds

2 T frozen blueberries

1/3 cup coconut whip


In a heated saucepan, mash the strawberries. Mix in chia seeds until the seeds are absorbed into the strawberries. In a martini glass, layer the coconut whipped cream, chia seed jam, and blueberries. DIG IN.

The warm jam mixed with the cold coconut whipped cream is TO DIE FOR. You may need to thaw the whipped cream in the fridge for an hour or so if you would prefer it to be a bit more “whippey” but this heat wave melts the coconut whipped cream just fine! Just ask my dripping sunscreen 😉

I prefer to use the So Delicious Coco Whip, but other coconut whipped cream brands should work as well. Also, swap out the coconut whip for coconut yogurt if you’re eager for a martini before noon! 😉

ENJOY – and have a safe fourth of July !!

xx hails

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