The Sandwich to Cure Hangovers

AHHH, there’s NOTHING worse than waking up with a hangover…!

I swear to god – I’ve heard just about every story hangover story. These stories range from a dreadful family photoshoot the next day to waking up to a missing pair of shoes to spending $200 for a hangover IV.

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No matter what, there is NOTHING cute about a hangover. Maybe a few pics from the night before..

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Yeahhhh, no… Scratch that.

A hangover is just dreadful.

Last Friday, I went to what I like to call, “FAW” AKA “Friday After Work”…  This term is coined from UW Madison’s “FAC” ( Friday After Class ). This is essentially when the students of UW hit the bars after a week of studying at the lib.

“FAW” is a bit more adult-ey – RIGHT??!

But here’s the thing. Interns in NYC don’t act like adults or drink like adults. Rather, interns like to go out to “FAW” as a pregame ( cheaper drinks ) then continue to go out during the nighttime…

& that was how my Friday night went!

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You may say – “Hailey, you don’t work on Fridays – it isn’t technically a “FAW”!”

And your right!! In fact, last week I had BOTH Thursday and Friday off. Because I had such a long weekend, I emailed Joy Bauer ( the founder of Nourish Snacks and the bad ass RDN on the TODAY show ) and asked her if I could assist her in any way on my two days off. Joy isn’t only a granola ball GENIUS, but creates amazing content on a variety of platforms, so OBVI I was eager to help out in any way…!!

Thursday I shadowed her at the Megyn Kelly show! She told me that I could “help her have fun” and we indeed had fun! I documented some BTS for her Instagram story, took some selfies with my DIVA light ( GET ONE – trust me. ), played with puppies backstage, and watched her SLAY her segment from behind the curtain!!

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On Friday, I helped her create an ad for her website that will be in her new cookbook! This was my first time using Canva…! Teaching myself how to use Canva was stressful, but I’m so glad that I finally had an excuse to learn how to use Canva! Also, what a freakin’ honor to create an ad for my RDN crush…

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So… I think that that classifies as “work” – RIGHT?? So FAW is only appropriate…?? 😉

I met up with a few friends from school and we rallied all night! We drank vodka sodas with ~130,129 lime slices during FAW and ended our night with $1 NYC pizzas.

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The next day, I was in the elevator with a girl who also had a long night. I wasn’t feeling “fabulous”, but I could hang. This girl on the other hand could NOT; she felt SO hung and sick that she hired a nurse to give her a hangover IV for $200!! SERIOUSLY. This nurse came to our dorm to stick a needle in this girls arm!


I prefer to stick to my $1 pizza. Ya know, just give my wallet a little break!

But, when there’s no leftover pizza… There must be another cheap cure… Like a breakfast sandwich!??



1 Ezekiel English Muffin

1 egg

avocado slices

1 slice cheddar cheese

Roasted red pepper

Next time you’re hungover, ditch the expensive IV! I mean – how many interns can afford that thing anyways??

Fuel up your body for a long day of Netflix in bed the right way… With a breakfast sandwich that is wallet friendly & satisfies those darn hungover cravings 😉

xx hails


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