Say Buh-Bye to Fine Lines and Tighten up your Face with This Magical Tool

What if I told you that you can reduce fine lines and tighten up your face W/O Botox.

Should I mention that you can do this for UNDER $15… ?

Everyone, meet your new BFF, the ice roller. This device is a magical tool. It is a freezer staple. Everyone and their mom needs this device… As a matter of fact, my mom & I both own one!

An ice roller is a handheld device that can be frozen in the freezer and is used for sore muscle, tension, pain, and discomfort – BUT most importantly, it can be used to refresh your skin.

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Have ya every heard of the OG spoon trick??

As a college student, I’ve tried every trick in the book after a late night out…

Every semester, I’ve had class on Friday morning, but of course that didn’t stop me from hittin’ the town with my friends on a Thursday night. Unfortunately, that meant that I would be rolling into class on Friday with a puffy, hungover face.

THANKS A LOT, Burnett’s !!

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SO – my roommate and I stole a couple spoons from the school cafeteria and tried out the spoon trick!

The spoon was NO MATCH for my puffy, hungover face. It warmed up quickly and only “de-puffed” one eye.

Fast forward a couple years and I discovered this magical tool called an “ice roller” and lemme tell ya, it was LIFE CHANGING.

It’s just as refreshing as a cold glass of water after a day in the sun – SO refreshing, SO rejuvenating.


Short term benefits :

♡ wakes up tired, puffy eyes

♡ reduces appearance of pores

♡ shrinks capillaries

♡ tightens skin

♡ calm redness after waxing

♡ soothes inflammation & irritation

♡ reduces swelling caused by allergies

♡ soothes a sunburn

Long term benefits :

♡ firmer skin

♡ fewer breakouts

♡ less prominent wrinkles

♡ combat blemishes

 ( inflammation is the biggest contributor to premature aging, rosacea, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis )

I roll my face every morning after I shower. It’s a staple in my morning routine and I refuse to leave the house without rolling. It also is the best way to cool down my face and de-puff my cheeks before putting on my makeup.

GOD FORBID I contour on a puffy canvas !!

Ice rolling is a form of cryotherapy. “Cryo” meaning cold and “therapy” meaning cure. This form of cryotherapy is also used to enhance blood circulation which in turn, helps products absorb into the skin.


In addition to enhancing blood circulation, it also helps get the lymphatic system going. Lymphatic channels are all over the body and they are the channels that our immune system cells use to get to infections and heal us. The lymphatic channels don’t have channels, so lymphatic fluid can pool.

That puffiness in your face from sleeping?? Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol… & lymphatic fluid.

ALWAYS use the ice roller after :

♡ the gym

♡ a night out

♡ I wake up

♡ I shower

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Here’s how you use it:

  1. Freeze the ice roller
  2. Use pressure and roll the device on bare, clear skin. Roll outward from nose, up from your jawline, across the jawline, and across your forehead
  3. Clean, freeze and repeat DAILY.

I always apply my serum then do a little facial massage with my sunscreen before I roll.

You can find ice rollers on amazon HERE !! Then, you can thank me later;)


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Same, Phebs.

xx hails

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