KHLO-C-D Cookie Jars


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Okay, not going to lie. I have a couple.

First off, I love chocolate. Like, any kind. Preferably dark chocolate ( >70% cacao ), but I still dabble into milk chocolate every once in a while. Oh, & DON’T get me started on TJ’s Joe Joe’s…!

My other guilty pleasure??

Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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Seriously though. Every time I come home from school, I BINGE watch KUWTK. When my parents delete the episodes to create more space on our DVR, I throw half a fit. Only half because I know that I can watch it elsewhere on the Internet.

My dad claims that watching KUWTK kills my brain cells, but I could honestly afford to lose a few, especially after a semester of o-chem – RIGHT?! 😉
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But to be completely honest, I don’t really feel guilty about watching Keeping Up; the Kardashian clan is super close and they are HILARIOUS. Despite being gazillion-aires, I feel like they are somewhat relatable.

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Digital media companies like Buzzfeed are ALWAYS featuring a quiz like “Which Kardashian sister are you?” or “What % Kourtney, Kim, And Khloé Are You?”. These quizzes ask you questions like “pick a color”, “pick a mansion”, or “pick a salad” and that is suppose to tell you which Kardashian you are.

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OK OK, maybe these quizzes are another guilty pleasure of mine, but it’s chill because I always get Khloé.

I assume it’s because like Khloé, I am SO. OCD.

I came across her KHLO-C-D playlist on YouTube where she shares her tips and tricks for organizing her home.

I’ve soft spot for organized things and home decor; I literally dream about the day I can organize my entire home. I get goosebumps thinking about the day I can buy half of the Container Store and move my pantry items into a container larger than a mason jar…

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Anyways, Khloé shared her organized cookie jars and her channel and I fell in love.
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Khloé uses double stuffed Oreos – HOWEVER, I used Joe Joe’s because I like the taste of the filling of the Joe Joe’s more; the filling is creamer. For aesthetic purposes, go for the double stuffed. If your guests will be munching on the cookies, def go for the Joe Joe’s!

Not only are these jars aesthetically pleasing, but they are SO cheap to make.

I was walking through the halls of Hobby Lobby looking for some fun decor for my 21st birthday a few weeks ago and PER USUAL, I ended purchasing a whole lot more than “21” balloons and rosé decor…

OOPSIES… ¯\_()_/¯

I “accidentally” strolled passed the glass jar aisle and they had 50% off. I’m a sucker for a good discount… I was reeled in like a fish and purchased a half off $17.99 KHLO-C-D jar. You can also find them HERE ( for CHEAP…!! ).

One quick trip to Trader Joe’s and a few minutes of cookie stacking later, I was looking at this cookie masterpiece…

How freaking adorable is it?

It is almost too easy to make, and it is perfect for when I have my friends over.

Aside from free Corona and rosé, free cookies are the next best way to get the gang together 😉

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Anyone else batshit about organizing??!

xx hails

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