Relive Your Childhood With This Apple Pie Overnight Oats

I LOVE a good throwback.

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Especially when it’s back to elementary school. My most memorable moments from elementary school are in the cafeteria. Foodie since day 1??

Every elementary school cafeteria has that kid who ate a repelling, smelly tuna sandwich, the kid who was on a Lunchable only diet, and the kid who only ate Oreo’s.

However, every elementary school kid would agree that applesauce was a lunchbox staple.

Back in the day, my friends and I didn’t have the adorable on-the-go applesauce, AKA the “GoGo Squeez”.

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My dad claims that he walked “uphill both ways to school”; my biggest problem as a little one was that I ALWAYS forgot to pack a spoon for my applesauce in my lunchbox.

I was a savage back in the day; instead of using a spoon, I would roll up the tinfoil top and use it as a spoon for the applesauce. NO obstacle would get between me and my applesauce – not a cafeteria bully, and not the absence of a spoon.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t the most sanitary idea, but it was innovative!

Also, my generation uses these little pouches for other purposes…

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Let’s just say that the lines at Lollapalooza are filled with kinds stuffing their pants with the applesauce pouches with something a little less innocent than applesauce…

Again, my generation gets pretty innovative when it comes to applesauce containers; I can’t help but wonder what is next…

Maybe… Apple Pie overnight oats?

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Different container, but the same good stuff.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE overnight oats and this recipe is a great reminder of my childhood tinfoil-spooning days. Since then, I’ve upped my spooning game to using a spoon with “All Hails the Kale” inscribed in it!

When I am running late to work, I usually forget a spoon and literally dump the oatmeal in my mouth as I run to the subway. Older hails has the same love for applesauce and ( unfortunately ) the same forgetfulness.


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♡ ⅓ cup oatmeal

♡ 1 packet of the AppleApple GoGo Squeez

♡ ⅓ cup coconut milk unsweetened

♡ 1/4 apple diced

♡ Optional: greek yogurt and granola


Combine all ingredients in a mason jar and shake. Store in fridge overnight and dig in in the morning!


What I love about this recipe is that it there is no need to add any sugar; the sweetness from the applesauce is enough to satisfy your morning sweet tooth!

Enjoy your throwback oats!

xx hails

PS. don’t forget your spoon !!

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