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Do you follow the Alice Choi, the foodie queen of Madison??

Alice Choi is a Madison based blogger who shares any and every recipe you can think of. Like – SERIOUSLY, take a look at her recipes here….

Alice has been featured on Good Morning America, Madison Magazine, the TODAY show, People, Better Homes and Gardens – just to name a few! She has inspired over 100,000 of her Instagram followers to get creative in the kitchen and to lead a balanced lifestyle.

Her insta feed and blog are FILLED with colorful and beautiful food.

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I believe the phrase goes, “eat the rainbow”?? 😉

BUT, what makes this hip foodie mom so unique is her approach to a balanced lifestyle.

Sure, she shares SO many healthy and colorful recipes that are fabulous for your overall health and wellness, but Alice also shares recipes for her fave treats, like these chocolate chip cookies!

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Alice practices what she preaches; she preaches the importance of portion control.

In this interview, Alice from Hip Foodie Mom shares the deets of how Hip Foodie Mom started, how she learned to create intricate recipes, how to sneak veggies into our diet, her definition of a balanced diet, and some of her top summer recipes!

Without further ado, here is the foodie QUEEN herself, Alice Choi!

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HAILS: You have lived in LA and Seattle prior to living in Madison, WI, has your experience living in LA or Seattle influenced or foreshadowed your current passion for cooking?

HFM: My passion for cooking came from getting married and having a family. I wanted to take the time to make the food for my daughters, even as babies . . I wanted to know what was in their food so I started blending and pureeing fruits and veggies. Living in LA and Seattle definitely helped to develop my palette and admiration and respect for what chefs and restaurants do. I also gained a lot of inspiration by dining out and seeing what creative things chefs were doing.  I am doing the same thing now in Madison.

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HAILS: What brought you to Madison? What are your favorite finds at the Madison farmers market? What are your favorite restaurants in Madison?

HFM: My husband’s job brought us here.

Fave finds: any organic produce from Harmony Valley Farm, Stella’s hot n spicy cheesy bread and flowers from Sunborn Gardens.

Fave restaurants: Heritage Tavern, Graze, Sujeo, Morris Ramen, Merchant, Lucilles, Pig in a Fur Coat, Forequarter, Ha Long Bay. .  I could go on and on 🙂

HAILS: How did Hip Foodie Mom start?

HFM: I was cooking a lot and started posting recipes for my friends and family. My friends encouraged me to start a food blog so they could have easy access to my recipes and to see what I was making.

HAILS: How did you learn to create such intricate recipes?

HFM: My parents cook a lot so, growing up, I was always watching them in the kitchen. I read a lot of cookbooks and for a period of time was developing recipes for The Kitchn, where I worked with a recipe editor who gave me some guidance. https://www.thekitchn.com/team

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HAILS: What are your top tips for someone who just started learning how to cook and bake?

HFM: Read the recipe beforehand, prep all of your ingredients first  . . it will make the process so much easier! and then start putting your own spin on recipes and mixing things up. Basically, just get in the kitchen and start!

HAILS: Did you ever find it difficult to feed your girls veggies? Any tips for sneaking veggies into someone’s diet who doesn’t like veggies?

HFM: Yes, I feel like all kids get really picky at age 2 or 3. My advice for parents: keep trying, keep exposing your kids to all kinds of vegetables. They are developing their palette as kids so if they are only eating pizza, hot dogs and mac and cheese, that’s all they are going to want. I kept giving them veggies and now they love them. For someone who doesn’t like veggies: try different things, like pesto, roasting veggies, veggies in pasta or lasagna, soups, salads, in smoothies…  there are so many different things to do!

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HAILS: How do you define a balanced diet?

HFM: Eating from all food groups, making sure you have a lean protein, fruits and vegetables etc, portion control and not eating too much sugar. I try to eat veggies at every meal (and my kids too). Portion control is huge for me. I think we, Americans, eat way too much. The portion sizes at some restaurants are insane.

HAILS: If we were to make a Hip Foodie Mom summer recipe, what should it be?!

HFM: Green Goddess Avocado Sauce with raw veggies! I will be eating this all summer long! Green Goddess Avocado Sauce or, this Korean Cold Noodle dish

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HAILS: What is a normal day in the life?

HFM: Making a green smoothie, exercise, if I am not working on a recipe or deadline, I’m cooking in my kitchen or meeting friends for lunch. .

HAILS: What can we expect to see from Hip Foodie Mom in the rest of 2018?

HFM: I am scheduled to be on national TV again in August ..  that’s all I can say now.

HAILS: Where can we find you?!

HFMHipFoodieMom.com or on Instagram ( @hipfoodiemom1 )

Thanks again, Alice!

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