Cake Batter Freezer Fudge

There are only THREE more days until my 21st birthday and lemme just tell you, I’m ready for that….

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“CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE” *singing in Rhianna voice*

I’m SO ready cake ( not referring to the drag queen’s cake ) that I make some Cake Batter Freezer Fudge to hold me off until then.

I’ve ate so many fudge bites that I think I’m going to be pooping rainbow sprinkles…

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I’ve essentially been salt bae-ing rainbow sprinkles over anything and everything. Sprinkles add touch of fun to any dessert. Also when it’s my birthday week, rainbow sprinkles are a NE👏🏼CES👏🏼SI👏🏼TY.

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If you dig deep enough under the mound of rainbow sprinkles, you can ( maybe?? ) find the cake batter fudge. For this recipe, I used cashew butter as a base.

Cashew butter is my fave nut butter because it has a cake batter taste to it. Peanut butter has too strong of a peanut taste and almond butter is too grainy. It’s my little secret lil trick to mimicking cake batter. 😉

Am I trying to make my oatmeal taste like cake when I add a heaping tablespoon of cashew butter to it??




♡ ⅔ cup cashew butter

♡ 1 T coconut oil

♡ Rainbow sprinkles ( these are absolutely mandatory )

♡ ¼ cup maple syrup

♡ ¼ tsp vanilla extract or almond extract


Mix all ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Scoop mixture into mini cupcake tins and salt bae the rainbow sprinkles on top. Freeze for an hour. Store in freezer.

If you haven’t tried cashew butter yet, this is your chance! You can either make your own or buy some at the grocery ( I usually go to Trader Joe’s if I don’t make my own ).


xx hails

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