How to Make Boujee Crack Dip

Hello, hello!!

I am writing this post as I am preparing some #NOODZ.


Y’all know that I am OBSESSED with my black bean noodles and red lentil noodles from Trader Joe’s; I would go on a nood only diet if it was appropriate. HAH.

I was so indecisive in deciding between black bean or red lentil noodles that I made a medley of the two. Like – I literally put them both in the pot because… why not???

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The reason I am so hyped up about making these noodz is because last weekend, I made this DANK👏🏼ASS👏🏼DIP👏🏼and I plan to use it as the sauce for my pasta.

Don’t ya know that olive oil dip the boujee restaurants serve before you order an entree? Think of that restaurant you go to with your parents during parents weekend – because let’s be real, no college student can afford to go to a restaurant that serves fancy extra virgin olive oil with an assortment of breads and crackers… :’)

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Let’s dig a bit deeper and get more specific with this dip because we all can pour ourselves some olive oil and call it a day.

My mom and I had a GNO over spring break and went downtown Chicago for dinner and to watch the Broadway show, Pretty Woman.

We ate at the restaurant, 312 Chicago, and they had the most amazing food. I’m salivating at the thought of their “Secondi” Salmon dish. Yes – it was so fancy that they organize their menu with Italian labels like “per la tavola‎”, “insalata e zuppe‎”, “primi‎”, and “secondi‎”.

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Before I wolfed down the “Salmone”, the bus boy brought out bread and a dip for my mom and I to share.

Now, this wasn’t any regular dip. It was the kind of dip that you would ignore the socially acceptable “dip : bread” ratio, and just ball TF out with the dip. We’re talking like a 2, maybe 3 : 1 ratio…

I wouldn’t say that my mom has a big appetite – when my whole family and I eat at a restaurant, the boys usually carry the team. BUT – the boys weren’t here this time and BOY did my pull her weight mom with the dip! It was the Hunger Games 2.0.

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We finished this crack dip before the waiter could ask us what we wanted to drink. And that’s saying a lot. 😉

When he had the chance to ask us what we wanted to drink, we both asked the waiter for more dip. I also asked what was in the dip because I refused to let my last dip of the night be my last dip forever. I don’t condone one night dips.

You could say that we tipped pretty well that night.

Ever since our trip to 312, I have been DYING to replicate their dip. And finally, I had the chance.

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Last weekend was Mifflin. This isn’t the “Dunder” Mifflin that you’re thinking of!

Mifflin is an annual darty held on Mifflin Street in Madison, WI ( where I attend school ). All my roomies were out dartying and I was snuggled up in my bed with my laptop and oversized cup of coffee ( the kind that can fit TWO 10 ounce servings of coffee…  Is it obvi that I’m not the fun roommate?? )

When the coffee kicked in I just had a sudden desire to attempt to replicate their recipe. One could say that I looked like I was on crack; those 20 ounces of coffee had me bouncing off the walls…

Most students at UW Madison were lost in the sauce – at Mifflin – and I was lost in this boujee crack sauce. You would think that would sound more innocent, but I guess not…?

Without further ado, here is the recipe that we’ve ALL been waiting for…




♡ 2 T capers

♡ 3/4 cup olive oil

♡ 1/4 cup kalamata olives

♡ 1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes

♡ 3/4 T basil paste

♡ 1/2 cup parsley

♡ 2 pinches of garlic salt


ezekiel bread ( I used their english muffin, but any kind works )


Add all dip ingredients to the bowl of a food processor and blend until most of the ingredients are mixed. I recommend keeping the dip somewhat chunky because it makes dipping all the more fun!

Toast the ezekiel bread. Cut into vertical strips for dipping.

Serve immediately! 😛

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Next time you have all your friends over for a Sex and the City movie night, surprise them with this dip and they will think that you are the next Rachael Ray.

You can also serve this as a sauce for your black bean or red lentil pasta. The classic college ramen noodz have NOTHING on this 😉


xx hails


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