Mermaid Toast

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Avo toast has met its match. Mermaid toast has a pH of 14 because it is #basic. We can’t seem to shake this trend!

If you haven’t heard of the mermaid foodie trend, you need to crawl out of your shell and CHECK. IT. OUT.

Starbucks released their mermaid frap in August and ever since then, the mermaid food trend has gained traction all over Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. What’s ironic is that the frap that started the trend may be unhealthy, but many of the recipes inspired by the frap is healthy!

Like the mermaids, I am on a “sea food diet” – I see food, and I eat it. Especially if it involves something as aesthetically pleasing as mermaid toast.

I discovered mermaid toast on vibrantandpure’s instagram page and have been dyeing ( pun intended ) to try it ever since.

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Adeline Waugh from Vibrantandpure uses almond milk cream cheese as her base before adding the color dyes. She used spirulina powder ( blue ), beet juice ( pink ), turmeric root ( orange and yellow ), and freeze dried blueberry powder ( purple ).

Almond milk cheese isn’t the only base you can use! I experimented with Greek yogurt and low fat, dairy cheese. I prefer Greek yogurt with a little bit of stevia. I didn’t think I would be a huge “yogurt on toast” gal until now…

As for the colors, I used :

X chlorophyll drops – dark green-blue color

X matcha powder – light green color

X turmeric root – yellow-orange color

When making mermaid toast, I add just a little bit of chlorophyll, mix, and observe the color. If I am shooting for a darker color, I would add more, but I generally prefer a lighter color!

To get that ombre look, first smear the dyed cheese or yogurt onto section of the toast and do the same with the other colors. between each color, carefully drag a spoon or knife along the border of both to slightly mix the colors.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 7.44.45 PM

ALSO : note that the Greek yogurt mermaid toast tastes better with fruit added on top. While it may be more aesthetically pleasing with just some sprinkes, I enjoy the toast more with strawberries and sliced nana on top.

Would you try out this food trend??

xx hails

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