Coffee Has Met its Match-a

I’ve committed adultery… on coffee.

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I have always been around matcha – whether it be inside Starbucks or in a boujie matcha cafe on Instagram – but haven’t dared to try it. For a while, I stuck to my routine Starbs drink, a grande cold brew with light ice, a splash of coconut milk, and a packet of stevia. This drink never lets me down – I always get a nice caffeine buzz and feel prepared to become human again.

I tell my brother, “don’t poke the bear until she has had her cup of coffee”. Seriously though, I can’t function without a cup of caffeine.

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Recently, I’ve been inspired to expand my horizons and try a new drink, matcha tea!! Matcha is said to be healthier than green tea BUT has more caffeine that your average cup of tea. Also, like coffee ( or other teas ), this green bev provides caffeine but releases the caffeine gradually, over 6-8 hours so there is no energy “crash”.

Must I say more??

In terms of nutritional content, just one serving of matcha is equal to TEN cups of regularly brewed green tea. Unlike regular tea, matcha uses the entire stoneground tea leaves. Regular leaf tea extracts only a fraction of the benefits, the rest gets thrown away in the tea bag.

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Additionally, matcha boosts your metabolism, lowers cholesterol, detoxifies your body, contains chlorophyll, enhances mood and aids in concentration.

So, one thing led to another and I tried matcha – sorry coffee !! Matcha has a strong vegetal taste and a sweet after taste. I dig it.

Here’s how I did the dirty :


1 cup coconut milk

1 tsp matcha

stevia to taste

1 scoop of collagen


Bring milk to a simmer in a pot. Remove from heat and whisk in matcha. Pour into a heat-proof cup and mix in collagen and desired amount of stevia!!

You could easily replace the coconut milk with regular milk or another milk sub. I prefer to use stevia because it is a natural, low cal sweetener but agave, maple syrup, or honey would work well too!

Will I have this everyday instead of coffee? No, but I will replace my usual cup with matcha a few days a week. How can I pass up those benefits?!

Would you replace your cup of joe with matcha?!

xx hails

PS : PEEP at Further Food’s website for high quality & inexpensive collagen. Use discount code “ALLHAILSTHEKALE10” for 10% off!! There will be more recipes to come with their collagen. 👅

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