Step aside green smoothies, there’s a new, green bev taking over…


Maybe it’s my desire to try every possible green bev that exists, my desire to reap the many benefits of chlorophyll, or my envy of the beautiful green color plants display. Either way, I’m digging this chlorophyll thing. I add drops to my water every morning before work and sip on my peppermint flavored chlorophyll water throughout the day.

Chlorophyll, AKA “the blood of plants”, is the green pigment in plants – this is why plants show that green color! It absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy through photosynthesis – TBT to middle school science!

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What’s really interesting about chlorophyll is that it has a similar structure to hemoglobin ( which is in our red blood cells ). The difference being the center of hemoglobin is iron and chlorophyll is magnesium. For this reason, chlorophyll is effective at purifying blood and promotes healthy iron levels.

B/c it swaps iron use for magnesium to carry oxygen, it provides a bioavailable form of iron that the body can use. Anemic people would benefit from this b/c it promotes healthy iron levels. Chlorophyll providing more bioavailable iron also aids in altitude adaptation. The more red blood cells available, the more the more opportunity for oxygen to be absorbed and thereby, reducing effects of altitude sickness.

Personally, I’m into chlorophyll because I have hypothyroid. Chlorophyll removes heavy metals which may fight the thyroid gland. Chlorophyll is one of the many natural ways to fight hypothyroid naturally – natural treatment usually is a medley.

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Chlorophyll can be consumed in either liquid form or capsule form. I prefer the liquid form which has prices ranging from $15-20. I bought mine with peppermint flavoring from Whole Foods. You can also find it HERE.

The drops extremely efficient because they are easy to add to my water bottle and are a lot of bang for my buck – a bottle can last a few months. The peppermint flavor is also SO refreshing!! When buying chlorophyll, I avoid the nasty additives ( dairy, corn, gluten, wheat, or parabens ).

Oh, and did I mention that it helps with dental hygiene – say good-bye to bad breath and hello to gum health 😛

Overall, I would recommend chlorophyll if it caters towards your personal needs. Every supplement isn’t for everyone, but some provide benefits for your specific needs. Invest in your health – not just the trend!

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