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Four of the five members of my family attended or are attending a Big Ten school. With that said, there has been some “friendly” competition within my family, especially during football season. My mom and brother pledge to Penn State, my other brother roots for Michigan, and I am of course cheering for Wisconsin. My dad finds himself in middle of the Big Ten competition and chooses all of the three schools (he once made a half Penn State and half Michigan jersey when the teams played against each other).

We may be rooting for different teams, but we do all share our love for the Big Ten Network; we love it so much that we decided to participate in the B1G 10k in Chicago! Not all members of my family enjoy a 6.2 mile run, but it was a fun way to get ourselves out of bed and break a sweat!

Races like the B1G 10k are a great way to rope in students and alumni to represent their school and compete for their school. If you are in need of some motivation, look around for a race with a fun theme that interests you. If a beer at the end of the race is your motivation, join your school at the finish line for a clink in celebration!

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