Springrolling into Fall

Spring, summer, and fall. What is the significance of the three seasons? Any foodie from Madison will say the answer is simple, the food carts! (swimming in Lake Mendota is another plus)

I LOVE trying out the famous food carts. On a warm day, I will scout out food carts that consist of anything from gyros to smoothies. My personal favorite find is this burrito sized spring roll! This handful of rice paper is only $3, perfect for a student on a budget.

When I came home for the summer, I was a little bitter that I wouldn’t be a few steps away from the food carts so of course I felt the need to try out this recipe at home.

When I got back to the ‘burbs of Chicago, I immediately began my hunt for rice paper. I first tried Whole Foods and of course, they had them! I even found brown rice paper… Some extra fiber can’t hurt;) I enjoyed making these on my own, but I’m looking forward to treating myself to these when I get back in a few days. Here is the recipe I developed:


Rice papers


Shredded carrots


Rice noodles


Peanut sauce

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